Beginning Sunday, September 7 and continuing all the Sundays in September, Fr. John will offer “Episcopal 101” during the 9 a.m. Christian Formation hour in the Bishop’s Room. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is new to The Episcopal Church. We will read Episcopal Questions, Episcopal Answers: Exploring Christian Faith by Ian S. Markham and C. K. Robertson. You can download a copy on your Kindle or iPad or pick one up on sale in the narthex beginning
this morning. We’ll discuss these and many other questions: “Why does God allow evil and suffering?” “What does The Episcopal Church think about divorce and remarriage?” “Why do all the participants in the service vest?” Once you have the book, read through part one (“Episcopal Beliefs,” through page 41) for the first class. The series is mandatory for those over 18 seeking confirmation or reception when Bishop Bruno visits on Sunday, October 12.