You’ve probably noticed that the front parking lot has been resurfaced and striped just in time for the new school year to start! You may have also noticed a few changes. The first two slots on the left are reserved for those coming to St. John’s to check out admission to the school. The next several slots are reserved for school parents who have contributed generously to the Annual Fun for the privilege of a parking spot. The center section is reserved for vendors and others with specific appointments on campus during the school day. Those spots require a parking pass which is issued through the school office. The last section of spots is reserved for those stopping by the church office during the school day or attending the Wednesday Noon service. All the parking spaces in front of the Early Childhood Center are reserved during the school day for drop off and pick up of our youngest students. All other school parents use the street parking during the day. School employees park in the back lot and the lower lot of the Church of Christ—Latter Day Saints just up the street. As always, on Sundays all parking is available for those attending church services. If you have any questions, please speak with Fr. John or contact Cindy in the Church Office.