My sisters and brothers in Christ:
wegotthecrossesThe first photo shows Altar Guild directress Shirlee Koons (second from left) on a mission from God this morning with her Guild colleagues Stacia Colborn, Robin Nelson, and Trinh Hinson. They were collecting our Palm Sunday crosses from the catacombs (aka the St. John’s kitchen), where Patti Peebles and our young people stashed them after their  cross-making party Wednesday evening. You can get yours tomorrow, Palm and Passion Sunday, at identical services at 8 and 10 a.m. We’ll gather around the fountain, say some prayers, sprinkle some holy water on your crosses (and you!), and then process into the church (as our LORD did into Jerusalem) while singing “All Glory, Laud, and Honor.”

Please note that there is no service today (Saturday, March 19).

StJohnsHolyWeekEaster2016Also attached is a guide to our Holy Week and Easter services. We enter into the unity of Resurrection more joyfully when we’ve also walked together during Holy Week. if you’ve never tried Wednesday evening Stations of the Cross with guitarist John Gregorius or our Maundy Thursday and Good Friday liturgies, please consider doing so this year. On Thursday evening, we’ll watch the members of the Altar Guild solemnly strip the altar as we sing “Jesus, Remember Me.” Invited to the foot of the Cross on Good Friday, you’ll have a worship experience unlike any other.

The Great Vigil of Easter on Saturday evening, when we carry the light of Christ into the darkened church, features another unique St. John’s institution: Our middle and high school students leading the first part of the service in inimitable fashion. And then, of course, the glory of Easter morning!

Mo. Martha and I look forward to experiencing Holy Week and Easter with you. All these days brim with Christ’s abundant and deathless love for you and the whole creation. By sharing this handy guide, you spread Christ’s love as surely as if he was guiding your fingers across the keyboard or phone screen (which, as a matter of fact, he is!).

floweringcross2015A few reminders: By tomorrow, Sunday, we need your Easter flower instructions. We’ll sell Easter See’s candy for the last time. And on Easter morning, be sure to bring a flower for the famous St. John’s flowering cross. That’s the Hayden family with last year’s.

Yours on the Way to Calvary and the empty tomb,
Fr. John

P.S.: Thank you for your gracious responses to Linda Allport’s message. You’ve covered all the under-filled slots for the Maundy Thursday prayer vigil. All who want to participate are welcome to come anytime during the vigil. Please continue to sign up this Sunday. If one hour looks less full than others, you can consider coming and helping out then.

P.P.S.: Thanks to all the past and future pilgrims who accepted our invitation to the reception for Canon Iyad Qumri. We’ll see you at 9 a.m. Sunday in the Bishop’s Room.