This forum, sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Greater Rancho Santa Margarita, is set for Sunday, September 10 in St. John’s Cardinal Gym. The event will run from 1 to 5 p.m. Middle-School and High School students of all faiths from the surrounding area are invited. For registration details or more information call 949.391.3376 or email

The day has three elements, each focused on one of the elements of the Forum: Bigotry, Bullying and Bravery. The goal is to equip teens to better identify when they are in certain situations and equip them with a tool kit to deal with situations themselves, as well as support others in these situations. Small group discussions will serve as opportunities to brainstorm solutions. These ideas will be shared with the broader group and captured. Participants will have the opportunity to “try on” these solutions in small group role plays so that they have built the “muscle memory” in real time. In each segment, one of our teen leaders will also share some summary information on that topic and one of our leaders will read the story of another teen’s experiences of being bullied or disenfranchised.

Please come to this important event which can help positively impact the very real issue of bigotry and bullying. Take a brave step and join us!