Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner is Back!

The goal for “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” is to make guests feel comfortable and to feel welcomed! Will you sign up as a host or a guest? You decide! You’re invited to sign up for our next “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” event which will be held Saturday, October 21. It’s really fun, and you’ll make new St. John’s friends as either a guest or a host!

Hosts will be those able to invite 2-6 guests to your home. You’ll organize the meal, your guests will be asked to bring a side dish. Guests will be assigned to one of our willing hosts and bring a side dish to the dinner.

Hosts will be divided into two categories: adults w/kids and adults only. At homes where children will be present, we do ask that you please not serve alcohol. Sign up as a guest or a host in the Narthex next Sunday. If you have any questions, please contact DJ Gomer, via