Caring About our Precious Seniors — St. John’s ministry to the residents of Park Terrace — needs your help! This is a new opportunity!

From Linda Allport, who is spearheading our involvement at PT:

* Many of you have participated in the CAPS ministry at Park Terrace in the past, and I want to let you know where the CAPS ministry is right now, and where it could go: The CAPS ministry has served Park Terrace residents for many years, serving root beer floats, leading a big crossword puzzle session, and calling Bingo. Recently, we have gone from leading Crosswords on Monday nights and calling Bingo on both Tuesday and Thursday nights, to only being able to sustain Bingo on Thursday nights, mostly from just two volunteers.

* Park Terrace has a new Activity Director and she spoke to me about getting Monday night going again, and wondered if there was something different from crosswords that could be done, possibly to entice new volunteers and more participation from the residents (Crossword attendance was getting low). She suggested Bunco night, which had been done before at Park Terrace, and wondered if we would have any volunteers who would love to run a Bunco night at Park Terrace.

* Would you be interested in leading Bunco on Monday nights? With enough volunteers, it could be just one night a month…If we get fewer, we could only offer it twice a month. Also, it can be done together with a friend or a spouse!

* If Bunco is not your thing, would you be interested in taking one Thursday Bingo a month (or every two months), so we are not relying on just two volunteers?

* Do you have any other suggestions for a Monday night offering?

Serving at Park Terrace is a a wonderful experience, as well as a commitment that St. John’s has made to Park Terrace. These lovely folks are so appreciative and really fun to hang out with! Any questions, or to volunteer, contact Linda Allport via, or use your church roster to give her a call.

Need a joy-filled evening? Come to Park Terrace TONIGHT, JULY 12, at 6:15 p.m., and help call Bingo! It’s a lot of fun and you WILL have a blast. Park Terrace, 21952 Buena Suerte, RSM 92688.

They’re just waiting to meet you!