The people of St. John’s are invited once again to participate with parishioners from St. George’s and the Orange County Islamic Foundation in building a house for a deserving family in Tijuana, Mexico. The build will take place Saturday, October 20. Now is the time to let us know of your interest to participate in this year’s build. To make things quicker and easier for our hardworking builders, a bus has been chartered to take us from St. George’s in Laguna Hills across the border to the build site. More importantly, it takes the bus only 30 minutes to cross the border back in to California. The cost for the bus is approximately $40 per person, round trip. Please note that riding the bus is not a requirement to participate in this build. Questions and to sign up, please email Joe Miramontes, or use your church roster to give him a call. More info on Corazon right here!