A message from St. John’s Youth Leaders — Patti, Tim, Mr. and Mrs. Nichols, Bree, Joe, and Mike:

“Hey gang! We’re looking forward to seeing you Wednesday, July 25 for our annual MidSummer’s night dinner. Come see us — we miss you!

“We hope to see you tomorrow! Make sure your noses are clean/clear! (most of you know what that means — for the newbies, come and find out — it’s hilarious!).

“Oh, and St. John’s Facebook Correspondent will join us to grab photos and videos.”

“We also want to let you know the church/school community is having a Variety show and dinner event Sunday, October 14. Lisa Naulls (Jonathan’s mom and the one with THE Voice ( wants to know if any youth would like to be involved in the variety show part of it. There will be some rehearsals, beginning sometime mid/late August after church on Sundays. If you’re interested, please email Lisa via church@stjohns-es.org”.

St. John’s Youth Group is open to all students in grades 6-12, from any school, any church. If you’re headed to 6th grade this year- that means you can join us!