The Bishop’s Collect for COVID-19

God of all creation, whose people prepared a tabernacle for you and carried it with them through the wilderness so they would never be alone: If we must venture into a landscape transformed by crisis, may we be living vessels of your mercy, grace, and love. Remind us to carry our treasure gingerly, with a respectful four cubits between ourselves and all the other tabernacles. Make of us big cans of friendliness, patience, and forgiveness in parking lots and the marketplace. May we be balm for the sick, isolated, and overlooked and a bitter pill for those in power who do not promote what is best for all your people. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

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Revs. Christopher and Karen are posting daily to Facebook either Morning or Evening Prayer, as well as on the website beginning today. If you have Facebook friends who would like to come along on this spiritual journey, kindly share the post with them, or, if they’re not on Facebook, let them know about our website.

Your Bishop, clergy, staff, and members of the Bishop’s Committee continue to uplift you in prayer.