Good morning! Today we’re reading Morning Prayer from The Book of Common Prayer with Rev. Karen Maurer, St. John’s Associate Vicar. Soak in the Word, breathe in and out the prayers, and may God’s peace surround you and buoy you.

Monday through Saturday our clergy — Vicar Christopher Potter and Rev. Karen — post Morning or Evening Prayer for our St. John’s community and the community at large. Sunday mornings we hold a service of Morning Prayer live at 10 a.m. on our Facebook:

Please share this post with your loved ones, friends and coworkers on your social media and by email. Most of us have plenty of groceries in our cupboards, so our physical bodies are receiving needed nourishment. It is the spiritual needs of so many that need boosting, so please do share these daily posts. Thank you.

May God’s mercy and grace be upon your household today and forever more. We are loved by the universe’s Creator, and that is cause for thanks and praise. Amen.