May 3, 2020

May the comfort of knowing we are loved and guided by Jesus, The Good Shepherd surround and protect you.

We have endured together a Shelter-in-place order for a month and a-half already. I say ‘already,’ but much has transpired, and we have been forever changed by the events of the last 45 days. Travel restrictions, masks, frequent hand-washing that becomes painful, maintaining social distancing, new procedures at grocery stores and shopping in general all will be etched in our minds probably for the rest of our lives.

I believe the severest restrictions might soon be lifted and life will change again. The question now is, ‘Who will be our “Good Shepherd” when it comes to the guidelines for safe gatherings in the near future? Wow much of these practices will remain when we are able to get together again?’

Federal and State and Local governments are currently considering all the options and making plans for us. The church is also considering what our return will look like. This week, the priests of the Diocese of Los Angeles met online with our Bishops to hear about the ‘New Normal’ that we will have to consider in the interest of safety. None of the publications for me contains a more clearly stated process for reintegration than what we received this week from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. In this address, Bishop Curry reminds faithful Christians and dutiful Episcopalians that there is one guiding principal necessary to lead us forward: What would love do? In its simplicity, it speaks volumes. It may not be much for specificity, but it invites us into a new, cautious approach with each other as we come together again.

I encourage you to listen to Bishop Curry’s address and to consider the beauty of what he offers us. Hope can be sometimes elusive; when it finds a home with us, it can sustain us. The act of hope waxing and waning within us is the product of being human. When it is far from you, I invite you to talk with someone who loves you. Listen to the voices of the friends who call you. Read the scriptures, listen to Bishop Curry, read “The Way of Love.” Just don’t ignore what is happening inside you. This is where the Spirit speaks and utters to us words of healing and hope.

This week’s worship schedule remains the same:
• Sunday, May 3 at 9 a.m. on Zoom
• Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Morning Prayer at 9 a.m.
• Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Night Prayer at 8 p.m.

The links to all services are in the email sent to the congregation this morning. These links will remain the same throughout the weeks to come. If you did not receive the email and wish to attend services, please email me, Rev. Christopher, at:

May the Good Shepherd lead us while we are in this green pasture, and guide us to the eternal plane where hunger, sickness and isolation will be nevermore.

In God’s peace, Rev. Christopher Potter and Rev. Karen Maurer