Tonight’s Middle School and High School Youth Group meetings dovetailed the opening collect of Psalm 23, offered by co-leaders Mr. and Mrs. Nichols, with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Pentecost Day sermon “Pentecost in a Pandemic”.

Psalm 23’s message is that God is good. ALWAYS. PB Curry’s sermon theme was about making room for one another to create a society where there is room for all of God’s children, where every human being, is loved, honored, and respected. Because God is good and loving, there is, through God, a way forward through the current strife our country is experiencing. PB Curry concluded his sermon with, “If we work together to build that kind of a society and don’t give up, then love can save us all.”

PB Curry’s Pentecost Day sermon text is here.

Both youth groups heard the story of an appliance repairman named Ernest and his unnamed client, a 45-year-old woman. The two, who had a nodding acquaintance, had a deep conversation about race, and it proved to be their first step to more fully understanding one another. The story about their conversation is below.

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