Beloved family of God,

May the comforting presence of God lead us to shade, refreshment and to the right use of God’s gifts.

The weather this coming Saturday promises to be more favorable to a community of faith gathering for an outdoor celebration of Christ’s Eucharist. We plan to go ahead with our feast this weekend with our afternoon Eucharist, providing we receive reservations.

To make it perhaps more comfortable, I propose we change the time for now to 6:30 Saturday afternoon when it will probably be much cooler. If this appeals to you, please make your reservation online on the homepage; just click on the “Register for 8/22 In-Person Worship!” link.

Should there be less than 15 people asking for attendance this Saturday, we will wait until next week (August 29) to see if more people have interest in attending.

Blessings and peace, Christopher+