Make some time in your day Wednesday to lend a hand at the RSM Cares Food Pantry at Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Church, 30605 Avenida de las Flores in Rancho Santa Margarita. Help is needed all day between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or for just an hour or two. You can also use the food list to buy the most-needed staples for the pantry. Please drop your purchases at Wednesday’s pantry after 11 a.m. Need more info? Roger Bradshaw,

You can learn more about the reality many Americans are facing during the pandemic and record unemployment in this New York Times article, which says, in part, that, “The pandemic has exposed the fragile nature of success for millions of Americans: material markers of outward stability, if not prosperity, but next to nothing to fall back on when times get touch.

“In conversations around the country this August — at kitchen tables, in living rooms and in cars during slow-moving food lines with rambunctious children in the back — Americans reflected on their new reality. The shame and embarrassment. The loss of choice in something as basic as what to eat. The worry over how to make sure their children get a healthy diet. The fear that their lives will never get back on track.” It’s an eye-opening story.

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Also happening Wednesday, at 6 p.m., is Rev. Christopher’s weekly Bible Fellowship. You’ll need the ZOOM link to participate; it’s in the Saturday email sent by Rev. Karen, or you can get it by emailing Rev. Christopher. The gathering has interesting and fun discussions, and engages in interactive and in-depth study. Homework? Nope, and and you’re not required to be present every week.

See you at the food pantry and online!