St. John’s Youth Groups help support our kids by giving them a solid foundation in the Bible and in community, and by pointing kids in the right direction by being present for them and being available to them.

This leadership, or mentoring, helps the kids in several solid ways. Did you know that youth with mentors:

+ make fewer mistakes
+ make wiser friend choices
+ do better in school
+ are less likely to become involved in drugs or alcohol
+ mature more quickly
+ are better equipped for the future

What makes mentorship so valuable? Mrs. Patti explained: “Mentors are people you can lean on, they’ll share their knowledge and life experience with you. They’ll be super honest with you. A mentor won’t just tell you ‘yes’. A mentor won’t give you permission to be a less than best version of yourself. They will help you to be your best self. They will be honest with you when you’re behaving in a way that is not honorable. A mentor is usually someone who is older, someone you can look up to, but can also be a peer.

“Mentors care enough to ask hard questions — all with the purpose for helping you learn and mature. Mentors help you discover and be your best self. You know that we, the adult leaders, are available to you 24/7. But other than us, who do you go to?”

The kids in both Youth Groups — middle school on Tuesday and High School/College on Wednesday — talked about the people they consider mentors and how they’re being helped along.

Did you have a mentor when you were a kid, or as an adult? Share in the comments about how they impacted your life — good news stories are a great encouragement!

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If you’re in middle or high school and want to join the Youth Group Zoom meetings for middle school or high school, shoot Mrs. Patti an email. Here’s the schedule: Middle School — grades six through eight — meets Tuesdays from 7 – 7:45 p.m.; High School meets Wednesdays from 7 – 7:45 p.m. The YG’s adult leaders are Mrs. Patti, Mr. and Mrs. Nichols, Mike Olivor, and Joe Miramontes.

See you online!