In middle school, high school, or college and looking for a place to connect? Or are you a parent or grandparent looking out for young family members? Check out St. John’s two Youth Groups: middle school meets on ZOOM on Tuesdays, and high school / college meets on ZOOM on Wednesdays.

Here’s what happened in this week’s two Youth Group meetings: the kids connected with adult leaders and talked about the school week, played games (on ZOOM? Yes, and the games are a blast!), laughed, teased, and basically loved on one another. And this week there were definitely Halloween costumes.

Mrs. Patti also read Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “We Wear the Mask”. You can read it here.

She asked the high school and college group: “When we wear masks because of COVID, what are people missing when they see us? That’s right; they can’t see our expressions and whether we’re happy/sad/worried/upset.

“What does it mean to YOU to wear a mask? Is there safety in wearing a COVID mask because you get to hide your feelings behind your mask? How does it play into your everyday-ness of wearing a mask, even if you’re not actually wearing a mask?

“Social media doesn’t help because people are only posting ‘best moments’ and exciting stuff. Life is harder than that. I tell people to unfollow or unfriend anyone who makes them feel less than they are. We have enough masks on anyway. To have to wear a mask makes it hard. Think about it in term of being careful about the masks you wear — emotional and physical ones. Be willing to say you’re not fine when you aren’t fine. Find people you can be yourself with. It’s important.”

If you’re in middle or high school and want to join the Youth Group Zoom meetings for middle school or high school, shoot Mrs. Patti an email. Here’s the schedule: Middle School — grades six through eight — meets Tuesdays from 7 – 7:45 p.m.; High School meets Wednesdays from 7 – 7:45 p.m. The YG’s adult leaders are Mrs. Patti, Mr. and Mrs. Nichols, Mike Olivor, and Joe Miramontes.

We’ll see you online!