Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany ~ January 31, 2021
Family Meeting and “Chrysostom Day”

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus takes out of a man the evil that hardened his heart to the truth of the Gospel. May God find on us no such chains; rather, a need to proclaim the Gospel of mercy, justice, and peace and an urgency to make it so.

Beloved of God, children of peace:

Today, the family of St. John Chrysostom Episcopal Church embarks on a new year. Our annual Family Meeting takes place immediately after our (brief) Morning Prayer at 9 a.m. This year will be one for history, as it shall all take place virtually, on ZOOM.

On this “Chrysostom Day,” we review how St. John’s has acted upon its Vision and Mission Statements last year, and to share the course set by the Bishop’s Committee (and Parish Council) for the year coming on. Our greatest strengths have always been the Spirit of God and the connections we make and foster with each other. This year the limitations of COVID have tested our resolve – both with God’s Spirit and our bonds with each other. It is, however, through those same connections — to God and to each other — that we will find comfort in difficult times and sustain us as we move forward.

If predictions are true, we will soon be able to gather together again in our sanctuary – vaccinated and enjoying herd immunity from COVID-19 – to worship as we are accustomed and have come to miss. The clergy and staff at St. John’s are preparing for that day, praying that all will be ready when the time comes. Further, we shall continue to ZOOM our services well past the date of our return to in-person worship.

Attached above, please find, along with the usual, some necessary documentation for Sunday’s proceedings:

We look forward to being together this morning, albeit virtually, to pray together and to call upon the Spirit of God who will lead us forward as we walk with Christ leading us to the fuller Reign of God.

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Online Services for this week are below — if you aren’t on my Saturday e-blast that contains the worship links, email me and I’ll add you.
• Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday Morning Prayer, 9 a.m.
• Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Evening Prayer, 8 p.m.

My Zoom office hours are Tuesdays at 10 a.m. Here’s my Zoom link.
Rev. Karen’s Zoom office hours are Thursdays at 10 a.m. Here’s Rev. Karen’s Zoom link.

In the name of Jesus,