by Elizabeth Adams, St. John’s Church Treasurer

Dear Friends:

Are you ready to be the third pig?

I haven’t lost my mind, I promise. Remember back to the three little pigs? Well, we have had a WHOLE LOT of proverbial huffing and puffing this year, and some of our financial situations did not do a good job of weathering the storm.

Maybe you are one of those whose house fell in.  Maybe you made it though, but want a stronger foundation for the next time life throws a big bad wolf in your path.

Maybe you are doing awesome but want some fine tuning to make sure you are living intentionally with your money and leaving a legacy for your family.

In any of these cases, Financial Peace University can help. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Ramsey and his team took the Financial Peace membership and made it Ramsey+ membership. They’ve added more content and put all of their best tools together in one all-access package. That means more insights, more content for users.

At St. John’s we’re offering FPU FREE to all of our members, so that we can all heal and grow from this pandemic experience.

The class will take place via Zoom on Tuesday nights at 7 pm starting Tuesday, April 13.

If you’re already using your FREE Ramsey+ subscription, use your same username and password on right here to join.

Where do you start? We’ve made it really easy! Just follow these instructions:

1. Watch this video to learn how to activate your Ramsey+ account.
2. Watch this video to learn about your Ramsey+ account.
3. Use this link to create your account. This is our church’s unique passcode link that allows you to get into Ramsey+ for free.

Questions? Email me!

Let’s get started!