Our Youth Groups are looking at more group activities. Next up will either be an outdoor movie night, or a private watch party at a theater. Watch this space for more info.

After the conclusion of Bishop Rob Wright of Atlanta’s five-part Lenten Series, Mrs. Patti asked Youth Group members to think about the things that bring them joy. Offered up: 1) My old friends. My new friends. The sun. My mentors. My new opportunities. My walk from my apartment to class.  2) I’m having joyful anticipation because we’re getting together with our families. We’re celebrating some birthdays, too.  3) My mom woke me up with a balloon, my friend got me crumble cookies.  4) I got my second dose of the vaccine. 5) My parents were in town for my birthday; we went to dinner.  6) My friends did nice things for me all week.  7) My transfer to another high school go approved. [NOTE: What brings you joy?]

Mrs. Patti tied in the joy question to the Way of Love’s seven steps for a Jesus-centered life. The steps, if you’ll remember from the church’s participation in WoL, are: turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, rest.

In her teaching this week, Mrs. Patti focused on the ‘go’ and ‘bless’ practices, saying, “Remember that we are ALL in need of help.” She asked YG members in the coming week to find a place to sit and observe God’s people. But most importantly, she said, see the people with God’s eyes. As people of faith we are empowered to respond to what we observe. Will we offer food to the hungry, words of encouragement to someone distressed, fill a tank of gas, or something else? “In God’s gracious economy he gifts us with the ability to serve others. We have a challenge to really LOOK at people. Return next week and tell us what you saw,” Patti finished.

If you’re in Middle School or High School or College and are looking for a place to land, give the St. John’s Youth Group a go. We meet Wednesdays on ZOOM from 7 – 7:45 p.m. To join, or ask questions, shoot Mrs. Patti an email.

Have a great week.