After checking in with everyone,  Mrs. Patti jumped to the focus of this week’s meeting — REST. “We’ve spent the last three meetings talking about rest. Last week I asked you to take 30 minutes of just Sabbath, just rest, and take care of you. Who did something just to take care of yourself?”

The answers poured in and included: 

  • dance party every night by myself
  • Watched a tv show new to me and bounced on my trampoline
  • Walked a couple laps around the lake Tuesday.
  • Went on an hour walk around Daniel Island.
  • I flew home for six hours and I had a lot of sitting time. It was weird because I’ve been so busy at school.

Awesome rest activities! Mrs. Patti pointed out the importance of taking that personal time in order to buoy the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual parts of our lives.

Now that members are finishing up finals and school is winding down, the youth group’s next joint activity is next week, May 26, at Cineopolis to see The Wizard of Oz.

Summer Youth Group will continue but on a lighter schedule. We’ll for sure get in some hikes and will also have a firmed up meeting outline out to everyone soon.

 If you’re in Middle School or High School or College and are looking for a place to land, join us Wednesdays on ZOOM from 7 – 7:45 p.m. To join, or ask questions, get hold of Mrs. Patti:

Have a wonderful week.