Shared by the Rev. Christopher Potter, Vicar

As we enter the Season of Pentecost, I want to share with you this beautiful poem by Chelan Harkin from the book Susceptible to Light.

The worst thing we ever did
was put God in the sky
out of reach
pulling the divinity
from the leaf,
sifting out the holy from our bones,
insisting God isn’t bursting dazzlement
through everything we’ve made
a hard commitment to see as ordinary,
stripping the sacred from everywhere
to put in a cloud man elsewhere,
prying closeness from your heart.

The worst thing we ever did
was take the dance and the song out of prayer
made it sit up straight
and cross its legs
removed it of rejoicing
wiped clean its hip sway,
its questions,
its ecstatic yowl,
its tears.

The worst thing we ever did is pretend
God isn’t the easiest thing
in this Universe
available to every soul
in every breath.
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We’re in church this Sunday and we’ll also live stream the service. Wear red whether in-person or live streaming — it’s Pentecost! Live, in-person worship in the church at 9 a.m., and this service will also be live streamed on ZOOM.

Help St. John’s be eco-friendly and either print the bulletin at home and bring it to church with you Sunday morning, or bring your smart device to the service so you can pull up the bulletin. Thanks for helping us reduce use of paper and toner!
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Adult Forum on the Holy Spirit Meets Sunday:
Sunday, May 23 we celebrate the Holy Spirit and the Feast of Pentecost! It’s a celebration that comes at a good time for many. We’ve been feeling Her sighs, and some times loud thunderclaps throughout this pandemic. Maybe it’s because we don’t have the usual distractions. Maybe it’s because fear forces us to listen — the fear that someone we love might fall prey to the virus. Or maybe it was the big birthday that was approaching, reminding us that life is short. Whatever it was, perhaps we have been more receptive to the Spirit than ever. We don’t want this new relationship to end!

We’ll spend our time together on Sunday sharing faith stories about how we open our hearts to the quiet sighs of the Holy Spirit, not just during a pandemic, but also during the rush of life “back to normal”. We will also spend a few minutes sharing ideas about what Adult Formation at St. John’s should look like after our summer recess, when we return to back-to-nromal church gatherings. Join the Adult Forum this Sunday at 11 a.m. to share your stories and learn from others! Here’s the 11 a.m. Adult Forum link.
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Here’s Our Updated ZOOM and In-Person Worship Schedule:
Now that California is opening up a bit more and church members, clergy, staff are able to be on campus and in the Church Office, we’re making some welcome changes to our worship schedule.

   • Morning Prayer on ZOOM is no longer held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
• Evening Prayer or Compline ZOOM services continue to be held  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m.
• Sunday morning worship will be held in-person at church and on ZOOM at 9 a.m.
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   • In addition, our clergy will no longer hold ZOOM office hours. You are welcome to schedule a time to come to the church office and meet face-to-face!
Contact Rev. Christopher or 949.888.4568, or Rev. Karen or 949.888.4595, x239.
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Throughout COVID the announcements of upcoming events and classes have been at the back end of the Sunday worship bulletin. Many of you didn’t know the info was there and we’ve heard your comments! You can now find all the details on all upcoming events in our weekly e-blast. Click away!
Photo: St. John’s at the 2019 Angels Game