The people of St. John’s are called to follow God in Christ through love, worship, and service in a nurturing, open, and affirming community where all are welcome. We promote lifelong spiritual growth and education through our church and Episcopal School. We serve those in need by sharing our abundance. In faith and our tradition of common prayer, we gather to celebrate and thank our loving God.

The Episcopal Church:

St. John Chrysostom Church is a member of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America [TEC]. Learn more!
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St. John Church’s Vision and Mission

We are thriving as a grateful, open and affirming community of worship and learning; where love and welcome move us toward God’s reign by emulating Christ so hunger, isolation, and fear are no more.


Inspired by Christ and empowered by the Spirit, the people of St. John’s:
̈ Love God
̈ Love our neighbors… ALL of them
̈ Gather and grow together as a spiritual, educational, and inclusive community
̈ Rely on scripture, embrace tradition, and practice prayerful reflection
̈ Exercise responsible stewardship of God’s gifts and resources

A Brief Guide to the Prayer Book and Lectionaries

A healthy dose of Holy Scripture is part of every Episcopal worship service. Thomas Cranmer, the great Archbishop of Canterbury who oversaw the compiling of the first Book of Common Prayer in 16th century England, believed people weren’t hearing enough from the Bible during weekly mass. He stressed the importance of Morning and Evening prayer, calling on all people, and especially priests, to find time several times each day to read the Bible and pray to our loving God. If you don’t have a copy of The Book of Common Prayer, you can read it online.

In the back, you’ll see two lectionaries, or schedules of readings: A three-year cycle for Eucharistic services (the readings we use in church) and a two-year cycle, covering almost all of the Bible, called the Daily Office.
Online resources for both lectionaries can be found at:

The Lectionary Page — Eucharistic readings.

The online Daily Office. The Daily Office includes readings, prayers, music — everything needed for personal worship except the worshiper’s loving, open, contrite heart. Some people bookmark this page at home and work and use it every day.

Quotes about liturgy:

“The familiar prayers allow me to deepen my connection with God; without having to search for the words to say, the prayers’ meaning unfold and blossom within me.”

“There is a poetry to the worship and I love the beauty of it.”