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The Rev. Christopher Potter, Vicar

Fr. Christopher was appointed vicar of St. John’s Church and School in May 2017.¬† St. John’s Church has nearly¬†300 members; St. John’s School has about 450 students, ranging from infants to kids in eighth grade.¬†

Fr. Christopher’s path to St. John’s is fascinating! Born into the¬†Roman Catholic tradition, Christopher felt God’s call to ministry¬†around the age of 13. He received¬†a B.A. in Philosophy, with a music minor, from¬†The University of¬†San Diego, and an M.Div in Ministry, from St. John’s University, Collegeville Minnesota. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1982, and served in several pastoral assignments¬†in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. He¬†took leave from parochial ministry,¬†married, raised¬†a family, and¬†built a few businesses along the way.

Fr. Christopher Potter

Fr. Christopher Potter

Though living and working in the secular world, Christopher always sought¬†to¬†bring healing where people were broken and isolated and to offer hope to people who were in desperate straits. “I realized that my heart¬†and activities¬†had never left priestly ministry¬†and¬†after fifteen years as an Episcopal layman,¬†I¬†asked Bishop Bruno to accept me as an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Los Angeles. Now I’m a single father of an adult daughter and doing what I love most in life!”

At St. John’s, Fr. Christopher sees his priestly role as fostering and nurturing hope. “My passion and education merge at the intersections of liturgy, education,¬†personal response¬†to the Gospel of Jesus, and encouraging people to join in the work of fulfilling God‚Äôs reign on earth. A priest is called to be the mid-wife of hope.¬†

“With humility and prayer,¬†priests are called to¬†enter with God into people‚Äôs lives when loss, injury or¬†death have robbed them of vision. Together with them and¬†with¬†God‚Äôs grace, priests give birth to hope and rebuild lives. We find amid tragedy the unending love God has for the world as seen and taught by Jesus.”

Fr. Christopher previously served as Assisting Priest at St. Stephen’s and St. Joseph in Buena Park, and most recently as Priest-in-Charge at Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Placentia from 2013 to April 2017.¬†

In the Episcopal Church, Christopher served on two diocesan committees: the Bishop’s Liturgy Committee, and the Diocesan Committee on Disabilities. He also holds licenses/certifications in California as a Group Home Administrator, Adult Residential Facility Administrator, and is a Certified Instructor in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and Prevention.

In his free time Fr. Christopher enjoys spending time with his daughter, cooking, and riding his bicycle 15 miles a day. 

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