Dear St. John’s Family:

Thank you for your generosity this year! The outpouring of love and financial support that we have shared with one another has helped the church flourish in one of the toughest years on record. And, we have not only helped one another, we have continued to share God’s love in tangible ways to our neighbors in surrounding communities.

As you’ll see in the videos below, St. John’s is continuing its strong support of those in need, as we assist those facing homelessness, poverty, hunger, as well as many families struggling financially due to the pandemic. Your contributions in 2021 will not only sustain the our spiritual life together at St. John’s, they will help bring justice to many areas where injustice used to rule.

THANK YOU, for your past support and for enabling, through your 2021 tithes and offerings, to “make right” what is wrong in our community and in the world. 

• Just below, watch People’s Warden Jim Leach talk about the importance of your pledge to the church’s budgeting process.

• Be sure to watch the other videos that show how your financial support of St. John’s ministries changes lives in our community.

• You’ll find Treasurer Elizabeth Adams’s 2020 YTD Financials through September 30 following the videos.

Although we cannot have everyone walk up to the altar this month with the gift of a pledge so they may be blessed for use in service to God, we will celebrate the online in-gathering of our pledges on the Sunday after Thanksgiving – a perfect opportunity for us to recognize God’s abundance and your commitment to each other and to the Gospel of Christ.

Thank you for reading and watching.

~ The St. John’s Gratitude Committee

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Faith Filled Generosity – Select videos below

Laundry Love | Isaiah House | Clothing the Homeless Part 1 | Clothing the Homeless Part 2 | Clothing the Homeless Part 3  |  RSM Cares Food Pantry

Listen to People’s Warden Jim Leach
Share His Heart on Pledging at St. John’s


Treasurer Elizabeth Adams’s 2020
YTD Financials through September 30