In January — before the Coronavirus disruption — the YG launched a new approach to ministry. You’ll find those details below. In essence, the new approach offered multiple opportunities to meet up with adult leaders and help people in need, rather than meeting just once a week in the evening and on Sundays for church as the YG did previously.

But then — COVID-19 — and that changed the everyone’s lives. But, our Youth Group adapted and now everyone is proficient at ZOOM meetings, and a new rhythm has been found.

If you’re in middle or high school and want to join the Wednesday night Youth Group Zoom meetings for middle school (5:30 – 6:15 p.m.) or high school (6:30 – 7:15 p.m.), shoot Mrs. Patti an email: Adult leaders are Mrs. Patti, Mr. and Mrs. Nichols, Bree Lintz, Mike Olivor, and Joe Miramontes.

See you online!

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When Covid-19 sheltering-in-place ends, the St. John’s Youth Group will return to its regular schedule.

The St. John’s Youth Group is Shaking Things Up!

It’s a change from the traditional meet-once-a-week for pizza/activity/fellowship many of us remember from our YG days. But St. John’s is a place where helping others is part of our church’s DNA. This new approach to YG proactively offers multiple opportunities in the week to meet up with adults and help people in need. Our YG leaders are committed to walking a faith-filled road with the YG kids.

Here’s why:
• Youth everywhere have expectations and pressures that call on them to study more, practice more, rehearse more, and travel more for their bazillion activities.
• It’s a lot to take on, and our Youth Group leaders recognize this and are meeting the drain- on-time issue with a twist in how the Youth Group meets up.

Here’s what’s different:
• The traditional Wednesday night gatherings are no longer.
• Up front now is an expansion of opportunities for Youth Group members.
• But wait, isn’t that just adding more expectations and pressure? Nope, not at all, and here’s why: Kids have different schedules, so what works for kids 1, 2, and 3 doesn’t work at all for kids 4, 5, and 6. The solution? An expansion of activities that help move the kids out into
the world for service opportunities — in a format that fits individual schedules — but still encourages hanging out and staying in fellowship with one another. Service hours are always available for all service events each month.

Like what, specifically? Check it out:
• One Monday a month YG members who can make it will pitch in at Park Terrace through St. John’s Caring for Precious Seniors (CAPS) ministry. They’ll spend an hour hanging with a YG leader, PT residents, playing Bingo and chatting. If the YG members have time, they can meet YG leaders before Bingo starts and have a quick dinner.
• On the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of each month, right after school, YG members can meet a YG leader at Shepherd of the Hills Methodist Church and volunteer at the RSM Cares Food Pantry. We can serve anytime between 2-5 p.m.
• Once a month after school on a set Wednesday at 6 p.m., and set Thursday at 3:15 p.m., YG leaders will hang at the RSM Lake Starbucks for conversation and fellowship with YGers, and maybe a walk if the weather’s good.
• Serve at Isaiah House in Santa Ana once a month on the second Saturday of every month, about 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the company of a YG leader.
• Pitch in at Laundry Love the first Wednesday of every month at Sparklean Laundry in Lake Forest anytime between 5:45 and 9:30 p.m. where a YG leader will be present.
• Once a month on a Sunday, YGers and leaders will meet after church for lunch, a hike, a movie and just to hang out together.

YG leaders and members are using the Remind text system to let everyone know what’s happening weekly.

Note: SJEC YG leaders are Mrs. Patti Peebles, School Chaplain & Director of Youth Ministries; Dave and Mary Nichols; Bree Lintz; Joe Miramontes; and Mike Olivor.

For more information please contact our Youth Director, Patti Peebles @

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