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Easter Green!

Here are some tips to make your Easter holiday less impactful on our environment:

  • Buy or make Easter baskets made from wood or reeds or engage children in decorating shoebox baskets. A reusable basket can become a tradition used each year with no added cost.

  • Shred colored construction paper or old comics and use that material in place of plastic grass.

  • Vow to reuse plastic eggs forever!

  • When shopping, look for organic, chemical-free items, and don’t forget to bring your own bags.

  • Say “no” to disposable dishes and utensils and paper napkins! Pull out the good dishes. Be eclectic; it doesn’t have to be a perfect match. If you need more dishes, try your local thrift store. You can tie everything together with a pretty tablecloth and matching cloth napkins.

  • Use the gifts of God’s earth to decorate your table!

The St. John’s Green Team
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