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Schools Out for the Summer!

Updated: Jul 1

Our St John’s School wrapped up for the year with a wonderful commencement ceremony for the class of 2024. Bishop John Taylor was on hand for his 19th event and got to say farewell to children who were in First Grade when he departed for the episcopacy. The house was packed on Wednesday evening and likewise for the Baccalaureate on Tuesday. Now the children and faculty are on break for the summer and even your own priest is going to take a couple of weeks to travel to Nebraska. The Rev. Canon Ryan Newman will be our supply priest starting on Father’s Day, 16 June.

School may be out, but church is still in session with worship services, men’s and women’s fellowships, Vacation Bible School, and a fellowship potluck later this month. God is still looking out for you, so please join us as we rejoice in the love we share in Jesus Christ.


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