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Thanksgiving Green Tip

Use the good dishes, glasses, cloth napkins, and reusable utensils.

Disposable dishes and plastic utensils create a ton of waste.

Decorate with nature.

Forget the petroleum-based plastic and synthetic decorations and adorn your table with natural and homemade festive decor. Fill clear vases with pinecones, acorns, colorful leaves, and gourds.

Buy local and organic foods when possible.

There are significant environmental benefits of using local and organic foods – and they taste better. While these choices may seem cost-prohibitive, buying even one or two items locally and/or organically grown can make a difference. Be sure to skip the plastic produce bags and bring your own shopping bags.

Eat less meat.

The meat industry is the number one source of methane gas, which is a major contributor to climate change. Even if you’re not vegetarian, try adding a little less meat to your plate and filling the rest of the plate with healthy sides, such as squash, green beans, or kale.

Get outside.

The temperature around Thanksgiving is usually perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Connecting with nature doesn’t have to involve hiking up a mountain. Just being outside and feeling the sun on your face improves your mood and health greatly.

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