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We will continue our Lenten Series, "Finding your purpose in the Episcopal Church," led by Linda Allport. Do lay people have a purpose in the Episcopal Church or is it all about the priest? What is your calling for ministry and how does our church nurture it? We'll explore what the call of the laity is, and how your particular gifts and passions can find a place to grow.

February 25

March 3

March 10

In the last of our Lenten Adult Forums, we will reflect on the Passion Narrative which will be read on Palm Sunday, as well as our own personal memories of the Gospel account. We will also have the opportunity to experience the gifts of two of the laity of St. John's as part of our reflection. Rick Anderson, joined by Wayne Kemp, our EfM mentor, will facilitate this session.

March 17

Palm Sunday—No Adult Forum

March 24

Easter Sunday—No Adult Forum

March 31

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The Adult Forum is a wonderful opportunity to explore our fa...



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